Success Stories

People love Improv It Up And So Will You!

“There is a saying in education, that kids don’t care what you know until they know that you care. Tiffani Sierra cares about data supported quality delivered curriculum, and more importantly, she cares about kids. I have witnessed Mrs. Sierra work with groups of students with varying needs and abilities and reach them at their appropriate levels and make an impact on their ability to learn. Tiffani worked along with my staff to transform a group of at risk students to a group of eager learners that embraced and understood the importance of quality education for the first time. Her program helped to improve the culture of my school and changed the lives of the students and staff that she worked with. I continue to value everything she did for my school. Her program was also highlighted during our WASC and Model School visitations. Please don’t pass on the opportunity to impact the learning and lives of your students.”

Armando Marentes, Principal, Coronado High School

“I completely stepped outside of my comfort zone and took Improv It Up classes with the amazing Tiffani Sierra. I even did 2 shows in front of an audience! I had an amazing time transforming into a better version of my silly, funny, quirky self and have been able to continue to apply what I learned today!”

Veronica Corona, Business Owner, CM Cleaning Solutions

“Improv It Up with Tiffani Sierra was more than an Improv class: it was an opportunity for our young people to discover hidden talents, build confidence, and find that inner peace when sharing their true self. Her philosophies and program were great for our teens and our adult leaders. Tiffani displays a great confidence and relatability in all of her interactions with our young people.”

Joe Chiuppi, Youth Ministry Director

“Improv class with Tiffani Sierra becomes an addiction, a desire for the reality of magic to be created in that organic, spontaneous, wacky way. The friends you make in Improv are deeper than any other class as it is a reflection of the divine.

Tiffani is the most successful farmer of funny because she gives you your freedom back and teaches you to trust yourself and celebrates your uniqueness.”

Alexis Christopher, Comedian

“You made a huge impact on my life”

Maria, High School Student

“Tiffani is a phenomenal instructor who is engaging, funny, and exceptionally professional. She genuinely cares for her students and readily meets and coaches each one according to their individual needs and abilities. While studying Improv under Tiffani, I developed greater confidence in myself, an increased comfort for performing in front of others, and the quickness to think, react, and simply be in the moment. I would recommend her class to anyone.”

Preston Lopez, MFT & Director of Boy’s Republic

“Thank you for inspiring me and helping me with my confidence”

Gustavo, High school student

“Tiffani’s Improv classes have pushed me to be free in the moment, enabling me to act and react quickly and creatively. She makes you feel comfortable with coming out of your comfort zone and daring to be as creative as possible.

Tiffani’s class is more than just an intensely fun improv class, it is a lesson for life! If you want to learn how to live and feel in the moment, taking and enjoying life to the fullest, I highly recommend taking her class!”

Shenandoah Sierra, Visual Artist

“You showed me I could do something I never thought I could do”

Javier, High School Student

“Tiffani is very professional and knows her craft very well. I am very pleased and very happy to have had her classes. She is the best kept secret in Hollywood since Lucille Ball.”

Fr. Darrin, Funny guy and Priest

“Thank you for everything you have helped me accomplish this year. I learned how not to be afraid to speak up and not be shy”

Amanda, High School Student