One-on-One Coaching

Want To Lose the Fear and Be A More Confident and Engaging Speaker or Presenter?

We can help! Using the principals and rules of Improv we can help you develop into a more confident, dynamic speaker who feels comfortable in front of an audience each time. Having the tools of Improvisation in your back pocket is what every speaker needs to feel free, confident and themselves when they speak. Most people feel fear when they feel like they have to be an unreal version of who they are. Improve helps to peel away the layers so you can show up as YOU every time you speak. Will afraid something goes wrong? Enter Improv. If you know how to Improvise you will always have a safety net to catch you if things don’t go your way. Discover your presentation style and show up as unique as you are every time!

Who We Improv( e ) with?

 Executives
 Non Profit Directors and Staff
 Managers
 Attorneys
 Speakers
 ANYONE who wants to feel and be more confident when speaking or presenting.

If You…..

 Feel fear when you think of speaking in front of an audience
 Avoid taking on larger responsibilities in your role because they require you to present to a
large group
 Allow anxiety to keep you from flourishing in your career
 Miss amazing opportunities because you allow the fear to take over
 Want to learn how to strengthen your skills and command a room within seconds
 Learn skills actors use to give an outstanding “Performance” each time you are in front of a
group of people


We offer one-on-one coaching via zoom! We will record each session to ensure you can review your work AND we will even do a post speaking follow up call to check in with you.

Improv Your Life
100% Improv your life and change the world
Build Communication Skills
87% Learn how to speak and believe success
Build Your Confidence
95% Learn how to build trust in your abilities


“I can’t tell you how beneficial your courses have been to me personally and at my job. I have gone from someone who always wanted to speak publicly but fear was just too overwhelming for me.  Of course, my job required me to start speaking publicly!  I was terrified and stressed beyond belief.  I could feel I had the potential in me, but fear was holding me back.  What Tiffani was able to teach me was awesome!  It’s OK to real and shows your audience who you really are.  And if you make a mistake, overcome it and move on!  These courses give you the tools you need to become comfortable and confident in business and your personal life.  I now give 3-5 presentations per month and can give a 30 second commercial on my business without being so stressed out.  Do I get nervous-Yes! Do I make mistakes-Yes! But now I have the tools to help me deal with these situations.  I don’t beat myself up anymore and I enjoy speaking publicly.

On a personal level, I was speaking at my mother’s “Celebration of Life”.  Had it not been for the skills Tiffani and Adrian had given me, I would not have been able to share what I wanted to the audience. Yes, it was the most difficult/emotional public speaking event I have ever had to do.  But I was able to show who I really was and what I needed to convey to the audience on the love and respect I had for her. If you feel that you have the potential to do something, but fear/ insecurities or just not knowing how to get started.  Take a course from Improv It Up! You will be amazed at the potential that is inside of you just waiting to come out“.

-Sharon Jones-Home Care Consultant