Tiffani Sierra is an actress,experiential speaker, master teaching artist, and alumni of the famous Improv School, The Second City in Hollywood, CA. Her acting training hails from the prestigious Neighborhood Playhouse in New York and A.C.T in San Francisco. As an arts educator, her training comes from the UCLA Arts and Healing Program. She is a certified Social Emotional Arts Facilitator.

With over 15 years of experience working in schools and organizations, Tiffani shifted her focus from performing in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York, to transforming lives through developing theatre programs using the art of improvisation. Her innovative workshops were featured with her work with East LA Classic Theatre and the Award-winning Odyssey Theatre Program “The Odds”, working with underserved Los Angeles youth. Tiffani has being a highly-acclaimed teaching artist with Unusual Suspects, Each One Reach One, offering playwriting programs in juvenile halls in the Bay Area, and P.S Arts.

In 2010 she founded Improv It Up and has been using Improvisation to help students, organizations and corporations experience greater creativity, teamwork, personal growth and transformation, improved working relationships, boosting morale, and performance skills.


We’re proud to call Improv It Up a Social Enterprise: We are dedicated to positively impacting and transforming the lives of the people we work with. It’s our guiding philosophy that any person who discovers creative self-expression will lead a happier, more successful life. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to positively impact lives with the power of improv.

We are especially dedicated to working with underserved youth and communities. Through the use of Improvisation, writing and Social and Emotional learning, we help young people discover genuine creative expression (often for the first time) and all the life-long benefits that come with it.

We are passionate about teaching people that it’s absolutely, 100% okay to be themselves. Improv makes this possible by peeling away fears of judgment and allowing people to express themselves clearly and concisely.

When you own your self-confidence, and believe you have real purpose in this world, your existence, ideas, abilities, and offerings can positively impact your communities.


Improv It Up offers flexible programs that adapt to fit the needs of nearly any school, organization, or business. Our student curriculum is 16-18 weeks and we offer 2-hour, half-day, or full day workshops for organizations and businesses. You can also customize the length of any type of workshop.


We serve communities throughout Southern California and our programs operate on the campuses of the schools, businesses or organizations we work with.


“I began my journey in 1995 when I transferred to an Arts High School. The arts, and specifically Improvisation, have been incredibly freeing for me.

In 2001, when I attended the Neighborhood Playhouse in NY, I lived on the East Side of Harlem. Kids would come to my stoop on Sundays and rap, tell stories and essentially Improvise. They used the art of storytelling to relieve stress and feel free. It became clear to me that this art form was more than an expression for actors but also a healing way for people to express their emotions and tell their stories.

In 2006 while attending The Second City Training Center in Hollywood my mother passed away. Improv became my therapy and my way to express myself in a safe environment with people I could trust. I realized that Improv was really a great way to freely express yourself, share your personal stories, and be without fear of judgement.

Now, drawing on my life experiences, education, and self-development, I can help others become better versions of themselves, too. I’m here to guide students and professionals as they break through inhibitions and grow into the people they truly are without fear of judgment. Ultimately, I’m here to extend my love, help, and support for those who seek and want it.”

Tiffani Sierra, Founder & CIO(Chief Inspirational Officer)


Our program uses the principles of improv, improvisational tools, and experiential games and exercises to help students and teams develop into better versions of themselves.

Improv It Up’s activities physicalize learning, making it tangible and actionable. It’s great for spatial, kinesthetic, and interpersonal learners because it transforms learning into an exercise of all the senses.

Our games are specifically designed to help people see the world from new perspectives, speak from their hearts, take big risks, and value the ideas of others.